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Garam Masala

Rich aromatic Garam Masala :
Masala is a word that is often used in an Indian kitchen. It literally means a blend of several spices. Garam (hot) masala is the most important blend masala and an absolute essential to north Indian preparations, added just before serving the dish to enhance its flavour. A Classic Garam Masala would have approximately equal quantity in weight of cinnamon, clove and black peppers, green cardamom with a little black cardamom. The rest depands on individual preference. For home-made recipe can add fennel seed, cardamom pod and a touch of bay leaf.

Simple Home-made Garam Masala :

  • Cinnamon Stick - 10 gm
  • Black peppercorns -10 gm
  • Clove -10 gm
  • Fennel seed -1½ tsp
  • Bay leafs -3 piece
  • Cardamom pod -7 gm
  • Black cardamom -2 gm or just 1 piece
  • Dried Ginger a small piece

Masala may be in dry, roasted ground or paste form. Whole spices are available in Asian store, then toast them on a griddle and pound into powder in mortar and pestle or coffee grinder. Try our seriously rich Santhas Crow brand Garam Masala Powder available in family pack 100 gm, 500 gm & 1 kg


Type Whole
Style Dried
Certification FSSAI Certified
Shelf Life 1 Year
Form Solid
Processing Type Blended
Drying Process Natural

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