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Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad (SSFM)

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Lot 1564, Batu 6, Jalan Jelebu, P. O. Box 229, 70720, Negeri, Seremban - 71770, Malaysia

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E-mail : ssfm@santha-store.com.my

About Us

Santha Store Flour Mill of Malaysia is a Private Limited Manufacturing Company that sells and high premium quality and spice mix. Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad is a manufacturing, reprocessing, importing and exporting company, incorporated in Malaysia, registered with the Registrar of Companies under Registration No: 206002-H. Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad is a long established manufacturing firm of national and international repute with an unbroken history of 55 years in food industry, specialized in manufacturing of CROW Brand curry powder, flour, spices, household provision groceries, perfumery prayer items, agents, importers and exporters. Since its establishment, Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad has been privileged to serve a domestic and international clientele including both super markets and provision shops. Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad is continuing to upgrade its capabilities through ongoing expansion and research efforts with the newest technology to keep Santha Store Flour Mill Sendirian Berhad on a leading edge in the manufacturing of curry powder food industry in Malaysia.

Due to much effort and research emphasized on Crow Brand products, Santha Store Flour Mill Sdn Berhad was selected by the International Selection Committee World Quality Management Board in Madrid, Spain to award with the World Quality Commitment Award (International Platinum Star) at the recent World Quality Convention held in Madrid. Amongst 143 countries present to receive this award, Santha Store Flour Mill Sdn Berhad was the only company from Malaysia, privileged and honored in receiving this prestigious award. Santha Store Flour Mill Sdn Berhad has always being thriving toward its philosophy of "Customer satisfaction culture" and modem concept of quality, which seeks to increase the customer's satisfaction and corporate results. We have been striving hard and stood up to the expectation of our customer in providing quality spices, pulses and other agricultural commodities to the end-user in Malaysia and abroad. Today, with sincere efforts and meticulous endeavours, all towards to offer better quality of product, we have established ourselves as a name to reckon with in the field of Curry Powder Manufacturer, Spice Processing and Exports. Our Spice Processing Unit located at Malaysia and warehouse in India, Wilson Enterprise stands witness to this success story.

What makes us special ?

  • We are Best in Industry
  • Long Heritage Family Business
  • Finest Variety
  • Always Fresh Products
  • Rich in Flavour
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Friendly Support Staff
  • Confer to Global Standards
  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities
  • Stringent Quality Control
  • Sourced Direct from Farmers, Practice Fair Trade

Our Products
Behind our trusted name you will find the very best in culinary ingredients. Our hand-picked spices are cleaned and processed by experts having deep knowledge in field of spices. We place great emphasis on appearance, processing, storage and full efforts are given in test process of all spices for complimenting your kitchen with perfect taste, every time you cook.

Santhas - We are seriously passionate about Indian food
Nothing like freshly ground spices, We at Santhas try to bring the best home-made flavour our style recipe to your food. Each spices are magical has its own pride and character of fragrant, robust, peppery, earthy and lemony.

Curry powder is a blend of many spices, and comes in almost infinite varieties. Each curry powder can have different component spices, in different amount-making each curry blend unique. The characteristic of each curry relies entirely on the balance of herbs and spices that go into its creations. Local influence distinguishes curries from one region to another.

Authentic Indian food almost never uses curry powder. Traditionally, Indian Housewives preferred using their own individual spices mix, which sun dried and milled but we can assure you’ll definitely love our homemade style curry powder.

Our flavorful curry spice blends with natural ingredients and perfect for versatile Indian cooking and suitable for world kitchen who prefers rich base for curry. Our meat curry powder is very rich in flavor and curry spices used in this curry powder are expertly chosen by Santhas to make them an excellent base for all your favourite curries. Try our finest variety Meat Curry Powder to make an excellent base for your homemade style Curry, Biryani, Marinate, Grill, Burger, Vegetable Pattie, Potato Chips, Kebabs, Kofta and don’t limit yourself experimenting culinary skills.

Meat curry powder -Rich in flavor. Our curry powder and spice mix are made using Mr. Vallison’s original recipes. Pride and Herritage of Mr. Vallison thought his children to pack in every Santhas product that’s made. 55 years experience makes us the best Every business and brands will tell you a story. We’ll share ours proudly “A Trusted Family Recipe & 55 years experience makes us the best” We follow every little step to make sure our curry powder is made in best possible way. "Celebrate the Joy in Food" The long-term relationship we have with our customer is the trust they have in our brand and ultimately our product quality.

Our strength
“Our social responsibility are produce real food from natural source”. We at SANTHAS take extra care milling natural spices and herbs source from famous land of spices around the world to bring best flavour to our curry powder and conveniently packed for our customer.

To manufacture any product, the quality of the raw material has to be really good. So, Santhas is always very stringent about all raw materials being procured. We build long term relationship with our business partners who provides the best raw material which enhances the quality of our product. We appreciate our business partners who supply the best raw materials which harvest on right season. Some of our raw materials are sourced directly from farmers in India, which transported to our warehouse Wilson Enterprise in Chennai for repacking later shipped to Malaysia. It’s a beginning to practice fair-trade to support our farmers in for a better quality living standard. Quality checks start right from the origin of supply-chain.

Since all them, raw material for our products are seasonal and are cultivated just once or twice a year, the company procures their raw materials in bulk, that too farm freshly, which then stored in Cold Storage Houses to retain the original flavour and colour. Besides, the raw material is also protected from being infested by insects by keeping them in these storage houses. This also enables us to supply uniform quality to our customer throughout the year. “Stored and Supplied, as fresh as from the farm”.

The modern and automated machines do the processing of the raw material. In the continuously process of production. Adding to this, uniform and consistent quality is maintained by the colour sorting machine, which eliminates any substandard or discoloured material in the production process. So, we have an all-round quality processing line.

Packing of the final product is done as per the requirement of the customers. The final products packed in any kind of packing material ranging from jute bags to poly sacks and even paper bags. The product can be packed in any weight categories as per customer requirement. A quality product packed to your satisfaction.

Why we need to dry roast spices?
Firstly, spices are heated up will release volatile aroma, these aroma can break down and recombine to form dozens of new compounds, adding complexity and flavours to recipes. Secondly, Spices need to dry-roast to remove excess moisture contain which makes crisper when we grind and increase life shelve of the product and no preservatives needed. Thirdly, hygienically packed and distribute to our customer. “Dry roasted and freshly ground spices to create an authentic and aromatic recipes your own”.

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